Business to Business Video: Three reasons why video is important for B2B companies

Business to Business Video: Three reasons why video is important for B2B companies

Business to Business Video: Three reasons why video is important for B2B companies

One of the fastest growing trends in social media marketing today is businesses to business video. It’s not a trend that’s set to decline any time soon, either – in fact, business spending for online video is expected to quadruple to 5.2 billion by 2014!

Online video marketing is becoming increasingly popular among business to business marketers wanting to create an impressive online presence, and the reasoning is not hard to figure out. There are many advantages to using business-to-business video to get the word out about products and services, learn about creating an excel spreadsheet for your budget.

1. It’s good for product demos
B2B video is an excellent way to demonstrate your product to other businesses in a manner that is interesting, creative and fun. And learning about how to market b2b has never been easier. It engages your viewer to learn about your product, giving them the inside scoop on how it works, what it does, and how it can be productive for their business, look into these TikTok mistakes to avoid.

2. It’s good for SEO
Did you know that Google owns YouTube, which is the second most used search engine in the world? This means that the exposure that business-to-business videos get is astounding. Furthermore, your company has access to a wider clientele and audience than they would otherwise have.

3. It’s good for increasing conversion and CTR
The success of business-to business video relies heavily on how many of those viewer hits actually go from lead to sale. CTRs have been known to increase exponentially with the use of online videos, particularly links in email marketing campaigns, and video increases conversion rates by forty percent. All of this can only mean good news for your business, and it can only bring more success to you in the long run.

LumiVid designs B2B video strategies that are catered to the needs of your business. In striving to keep up with social media trends that will help your business succeed, Splash Media dedicates countless time and resources to get your message across to your audience effectively. Contact them today to learn about the impact you can make with a business-to-business video marketing strategy that works for you.

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