Creative Cinematography

Our goal when planning any scene is to capture emotion. And it’s our experience that makes us competent, our passion that drives commitment, and our talent that fuels creativity with every project.

Emotive Musical Scoring

LumiVid believes that motion content (video) takes an experience beyond words, not only visually, but musically. And music is the most emotionally influential element. Not only does LumiVid have a long history of music composition and production, but we have access to thousands of royalty free pieces to build upon.

Advanced Motion Graphics

Capturing attention, stimulating thought, and inspiring action are just a few of the effects a sophisticated motion graphics rich experience delivers. LumiVid’s team of 2D/3D motion graphics developers bring creative visions to life.


Collaborative Project Management

All of our projects are created, tracked, and shared with our clients through a secure online project management portal which has been tailored for the production process. Task management with forum-like interaction and graphical process tracking are just a few of its capabilites.

Video Campaign Management

Many companies are experiencing great success with video campaigns or online video series. Those reasons include increased customer engagement, increased brand awareness, and increased search results rankings. LumiVid has a process to design and execute custom campaign strategies.

150 Language Translation

La nostra partnership ha dato vita alla prima casa di produzione nell’area che offre video
messaggi in oltre 150 lingue. 我们的合作伙伴已建立本地区首家制作公司,能够以超过150种语言提供视频消息



Equipped with the creative concept, the scriptwriter writes the words and envisions the pictures that will best convey the message or the story.


Casting talent means finding the right fit. We work with many local agencies that can provide a large selection of talent to pick from. You can go online to view cast reels and auditions. This time-saving method means you can easily decide on the right person for the job. We won’t stop until you have the perfect match.

Set Design and Build

Have a vision? Let us make that happen for you. LumiVid’s 4600 square foot multi-studio facility is where we build anything from simple talk show sets to full living room and kitchen scenes, but is our cost efficient strategies that set us apart.


Additional Services

Whether you need a 3D animated logo for your website or an internationally broadcasted television series, Lumivid Productions has the expertise combined with affordable solutions for you.  Lumivid is a visual communications production company with  recognized TV commercials, graphics packages, broadcasts, 2D and 3D motion graphics, video editing, Sports/Game Day production animations, medical animations and corporate event media. Lumivid’s range of creative services reflects our commitment on delivering video expertise at affordable pricing.

  • Corporate Video Production Internal/External
  • 2D and 3D Animation
  • Outdoor Video Production
  • Sales, Marketing and Promotional Videos
  • Website Video
  • Sports Animation – Professional and Collegiate
  • Television Commercials – From Budget to Top Tier Productions
  • Television Production
  • Training & Safety Videos
  • PowerPoint Presentation Videos
  • Medical Animation
  • Legal – Accident Reconstruction
  • Flash Animation
  • Green Screen Video Taping
  • Testimonials
  • Local, National and International Videography Services
  • Studio Room Rental – Use our editor or bring your own.  Rates available upon request.
  • Post Production Editing
  • 2D & 3D Compositing
  • On Location Shooting
  • Audio Production
  • Field Production
  • Studio and Field Lighting

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