LumiVid’s Creative Marketing Machine is the worlds only turnkey strategy that combines creative premium video content production, comprehensive omni-channel content syndication, and research based search optimization to aggressively gain popularity and build reputation for brands, products, and services.


Search and Keyword Research

When you sign up for one of LumiVid’s Creative Marketing Machine programs, our team of analysts will conduct market research to determine which marketing opportunities will deliver optimal results. This is based on your target audiences’ interests, the amount of competition for each interest, and the popularity of each interest.

Creative Premium Video Production

Once the most optimal interests are determined, our creative team will put one or many video series concepts together targeting each of these interests. These concepts are designed to gain reputation through quality, build popularity through keyword rich scripting, and drive organic viral growth by providing your audience with desirable premium video content.

Omni-Channel Syndication

We then apply a highly efficient production schedule to our omni-channel syndication weekly process. To achieve maximum results we repurpose video content in all forms (blog, article, audio, image) and push out through all possible channels such as social media sites, video sharing sites, public blog sites, podcasting sites, and even paid advertising platforms.


By distributing your custom premium content to all channels in all forms on a weekly basis we not only achieve maximum reach, visibility, and momentum in the marketplace, but build reputation and awareness with the major search engines.

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