LumiVid launches its Creative Marketing Machine program with Helen Fitzgerald's nightclub

This is the first of 24 weekly episodes to promote the nightclub Helen Fitzgerald’s. Helen Fitzgerald’s is LumiVid’s first Creative Marketing Machine client. The goal of the campaign is to generate buzz and hype about the St. Louis hot spot and to inform the public about each week’s entertainment and drink specials.

To achieve these goals, LumiVid’s consulting team did competitive keyword research for the St. Louis area to determine where the most potential existed for search based web traffic. Our creative team wrote an initial 12 short comedic socially edgy sketches which all take place at Helen Fitzgerald’s bar. With LumiVid’s own video production equipment and crew we were able to schedule and shoot the entire initial 12 episodes in one single on-location shoot in less than 6 hours.

With the keyword research, LumiVid’s post-production team created what will be the opening and closing sequences for the 24 episode weekly series, edited the first sketch, and incorporated this week’s entertainment acts.

The final phase of the marketing strategy is to syndicate each video out to the target population around the St. Louis metro area. To do this we upload the video to Youtube, Vimeo, Daily Motion, Vidster, and a few other sites, launch a social video promotion in Facebook, Twitter, Tumblr, etc., launch a bookmarking promotion, and also re-purpose the video to blog, article, and podcast for maximum reach.

Future episodes will also have paid Youtube and Facebook promotions as well.

LumiVid’s Creative Marketing Machine is the only service in the world that combines best-of-breed SEO research, premium original video production, and an aggressive video content re-purposing and syndication process to leverage the full potential of online marketing.

We are currently seeking 3 more pilot clients for our Creative Marketing Machine service. If interested call us at 314-266-3616.

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