LumiVid puts client on page 1 of Google search after 4 weeks of video marketing promotion!

LumiVid’s aggressive video marketing program has now placed Helen Fitzgerald’s at spots 4 and 5 on PAGE ONE of Google’s search results for the highly competitive search phrase “Best Bar in St. Louis”. Not only is Helen Fitzgerald’s showing up twice on page one, but they are the only 2 results that are video, with thumbnail pictures. Their only competition on page 1 comes from publications and list services. They are the ONLY actual bar / nightclub represented on page 1.

At this point Helen Fitzgerald’s absolutely dominates the YouTube search results for the search phrase “Best bar in St. Louis”. Our aggressive video marketing program is absolutely proven to be an effective measure for SEO performance. Not only is it effective, but it achieves results by using authentic original video content that is professionally produced. The cost-effectiveness is the result of LumiVid’s production efficiency and smart resource planning.

In the coming weeks we will be switching up the format of our content for the next phase of the program. We’re calling it “season 2”.

LumiVid’s Creative Marketing Machine combines best-of-breed SEO research, premium original video production, and an aggressive video content re-purposing and syndication process to leverage the full potential of online marketing.

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