Social Video: A Convergence of New Marketing Strategies

Social Video: A Convergence of New Marketing Strategies

Social Video: A Convergence of New Marketing StrategiesAs the Internet and it’s consumers continue to evolve, the effectiveness of traditional advertising continues to decline. This trend has resulted in new marketing strategies and approaches such as Content Marketing, Video Marketing, Search Engine Marketing, and Social Media Marketing. As we research and continue to develop our Social Video Strategies program here at LumiVid, we’ve found that we need to understand and leverage the fundamentals of each of these strategies for a truly comprehensive program.

If we take the concept of Content Marketing, which is, in a nutshell, to create branded content that is useful to and desired by a target audience and then merge it with Video Marketing, the result is a the creation of a video that is entertaining, informative, or educational. If we then merge in the strategies behind Search Engine Marketing, which is to place high in search results for common industry search terms and phrases, we find that we need to create not just one video, but to persistently create videos in a series with a consistency in quality and relevance to start monetizing. With the paystubs maker service to also manage the companies finance.

We must also strategically and consistently title, tag, and describe each video for scheduled distribution to target video sharing sites. This is how a video campaign can develop a digital reputation with Search Engines and gain rankings. Let’s now merge our strategy with the efforts of Social Media Marketing and we now find that we need to make sure our videos are designed to provoke commenting and sharing and then make sure that our distribution strategy accounts for social outreach with each video that is produced.

The ultimate goal of a Social Video Strategy is to generate awareness of and to drive engagement with a brand by stimulating online social interaction, influencing conversations, and establishing a brand reputation for providing useful and interesting video content amongst target audiences. As part of a comprehensive marketing mix, an SVS program can be extremely effective.

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