Week 2 of LumiVid’s Creative Marketing Machine | Helen Fitzgerald’s video marketing strategy

We launched episode 2 of the Helen Fitzgerald’s nightclub campaign today. The results of our first week’s promotion went far better than projected!

  • The video received over 1200 views during the 3 day social video campaign.
  • The video reached the number one position in Youtube for the highly competitive search phrase “Best bar in St. Louis”.
  • The video reached the number 2 position in Google video search forĀ “Best bar in St. Louis”.
  • The video reached the number 4 position in Google search forĀ “Best bar in St. Louis” from Internet Explorer.

The 3 keys to the success of the campaign is the science of the scripting for targeted search phrase marketing, the creative production of premium grade entertaining videos with viral traits, and the content syndication process for mass distribution and visibility. This strategic combination is the magic formula for gaining popularity, generating reputation, creating social buzz.

We advised our client that it would take 3 months to gain traction and notice a difference in revenue.

LumiVid’s Creative Marketing Machine combines best-of-breed SEO research, premium original video production, and an aggressive video content re-purposing and syndication process to leverage the full potential of online marketing.

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