Leveraging the Video Marketing Opportunity – Part 1: Overview


Welcome to the overview of LumiVid’s multi-chapter video series titled: “Leveraging the Video Marketing Opportunity”.


Our goal for producing this series is to help marketing consultants, business owners, and executives achieve a clear vision of what an effective comprehensive video marketing strategy might look like. This way, whether designing a marketing strategy yourself, collaborating with partners, or even outsourcing the solution through one of LumiVid’s video marketing programs, you’ll know what processes need to be in place and how they work together to achieve real results.


Within this series we’ll briefly cover the evolution of the online marketing industry, we’ll take a deep look at the validity of the many new marketing strategies that you probably keep hearing about, and then we’ll cover the actual realities of developing and executing a comprehensive video marketing program that achieves real results.


Right now the marketing industry has hit a state of maximum flux. Traditional media such as TV, radio, and newspaper ads have been derailed by DVRs, satellite radio, and online entertainment and news. Major updates to search algorithms have not only derailed mass SEO tactics but now penalize the use of such tactics. And of course the prevalence of social media has marketers running in circles chasing after the next viral sensation.


But what’s important to realize is that this massive state of fluctuation presents tremendous opportunity because it levels the playing field. It gives the small fish the ability to compete directly with the big fish for the same market. What may be surprising is that you most likely already know what these opportunities are. like Social Media Marketing, Search Marketing, Content Marketing, Email Marketing, and targeted digital advertising.


The key is designing a strategy that takes advantage of all of these opportunities. An integrated approach that makes your content available through all channels of communication and maximizes reach is accomplished. We call this Content Visibility.

But what is also just as important as content visibility creating quality content that is desirable to your target audiences. To do this takes creativity and consistency.

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24 Responses

  1. Marilee

    This is a great idea I could use this for my business and I know there are plenty of businesses out there that could do the same. You have done a great job on this post and I will make sure to pass this on to everybody I know. Keep up the good work because I am sure that people will expect more from you about this.

  2. Michael

    I was reading your post and the paragraph about the marketing industry being derailed by DVR’s and things like that and it really made me thing about that. You are absolutely right and as a matter of fact we do that in my house as well, we record everything we want to watch so we can watch it later without the commercials. Wow what a great article thank you.

  3. Barry

    I am guilty of this myself I don’t like to watch commercials so I record everything I watch to fast forward through them. Is there way that people can get around this and still have to see the commercials I know when you watch something on the internet they play commercials sometimes and you can’t shut them off. Just something to think about I guess.

  4. Johnny

    Your entire article made so much sense and people just don’t see it this way. If they really thought about it they would realize that is why Net Flix and movies are so popular and things like HBO because there are no commercials, keep posting this information because this is very helpful and will teach people about marketing in a whole new way.

  5. Emma

    Well I know this probably makes a lot of sense to some people out there that are into marketing but I am not into that so I will have to read this a couple of times before it is clear to me. I do think that there are a couple of really good tips in there though and that is just from knowing what I do with our TV.

  6. Richard

    I have training in video editing and if this company outsources any of its video production, I certainly would be interested in becoming a contributing video editor. I’m also looking to promote several sites via video marketing and that is where I could use help. I will have a look around the site to see if there is more information about this, but I would greatly appreciate any feedback regarding any job opportunities in video editing or graphic design.

  7. John Ferrara

    very nice!! well done.

  8. Angela

    This is a great post and I am excited about doing this I just need to find someone that can record this video stuff for me. Is there a company out there that would do this and make a professional looking video? I am not quite sure how you get people to watch these though if they aren’t even watching commercials on tv anymore.

  9. Warren

    Video marketing is one method to provide the edge against your competitors it deserves. You can’t have too many video clips as you can. You should develop new videos for your viewers to return to see. This also boosts your publicity by adding new topics to the people who may possibly be curious about what you need to say. Not everyone has the skill or time to produce their own videos and that is where a concept like this becomes handy.

  10. Savanna

    This company / program sounds like a very exciting opportunity for any business owner, particularly the little guys – you know, because of the search engine / social media playing field having been made even because of the recent Google Panda updates. These adjustments have renewed my enthusiasm about SEO, SM marketing and of course, video marketing. I had all but given up because I have little money to pump into a campaign, but now I feel like I have a shot.

  11. Steven

    Online business competition is ruthless these days. You’ll need to use every trick in the book, including video marketing, to attract and retain customers. I have learned this the hard way. Your campaign will be more successful if you make more videos. Posting new videos all the time will draw people to your site to see what new stuff you put up. Having numerous videos online also increases your exposure and the awareness of your brand. And for this, I would need help.

  12. Kevin

    Video is the hottest trend in social media and content marketing, and the numbers are only going up. I saw somewhere that online video marketing is growing with online video users anticipated to increase to 1.5 billion by the year 2016. Amazingly, only 24% of national brands are currently using video as part of their marketing mix. This is exciting to me because if these stats are reliable, it means there is lots of work for me.

  13. Mina

    I think you are spot on when you are talking about the way things get hijacked these days and the way we need to use video marketing. You put a lot of work into this blog post and you did a great job with it. Keep up the good work because not many people see this as a problem and businesses are suffering because of it.

  14. Carol

    You pointed out some things in your post that most people won’t even think about and I would bet that they do themselves, like recording shows so you can get through the commercials faster. How many people out there are marketers that do this very thing? Thank you for pointing this stuff out I hope it will change the way we view the advertisements.

  15. Mary

    I don’t know but this whole thing just bothers me, how are you supposed to get the marketing back on track when everyone is recording things these days? How are you going to get them to stop this procedure? I like the idea but what are you supposed to do to get people to notice your marketing techniques?

  16. Emma

    This sounds like it will be a great series is this something you will continue to bring out bit by bit on line like this or is it a series you will have to pay for? I am interested either way and will continue to check back here to see if you have posted anything new. Keep up the good work and keep posting because I am learning a lot about this.

  17. Warren

    YouTube alone has more than 1 billion unique users a month who watch over 6 billion hours of video. Not only are consumers watching a lot of video, but they are also sharing it. At least seven hundred YouTube links are shared on Twitter every minute and 100 million people take a social action on YouTube each week. Sounds to me like a golden opportunity for marketers.

  18. Alfred

    As an Email marketer, one of the most exciting developments in email marketing for me is that of video in email. At one time it was taboo to even think about including such a wild’ element into your email creative, but with the advent of HTML5, this creative technique to showcase your product is much simpler to do. You no longer need to rely on a 3rd party plug-in, like Flash or QuickTime, to assist with the video playback.

  19. Scott

    Leveraging the explosive growth of the video marketing landscape seems to me like an impossible task for someone who is going at it alone. But it does seem feasible if you were to join a network of people who are committed to helping other members of the same network achieve viral status. I think if the entire network works to help spread others content, everyone can win.

  20. Richard

    I do know from Wired magazine that the average internet user watches 15.9 hours’ worth of video every month. With so much video content being consumed, it’s no wonder that more businesses are turning to video marketing to boost their conversation rates. My brother-in-law is a contractor and he told me that because of the visual splendor associated with homebuilding, video marketing is a prime strategy for any homebuilder looking to leverage online content.

  21. Miguel

    This system sounds like it can give one pure Leverage and empower an individual to leverage the must-have tools for building an internet business and to learn how to use these special video marketing tools to their advantage in every way. This is what makes this a ground-breaking system and separates it from other marketing systems on the average. It assists a person in all the ways that matter most and then goes from there to help them along at their own pace after that.

  22. Tammi

    You did a great job on this post and the information you put in it was spot on. The amount if electronic devices out there that allow you to skirt around the system is amazing and it is hurting the businesses out there that rely on advertising to build their business. Keep up the eye opening work because I know I never looked at it this way as I am sure others haven’t either.

  23. Tammi

    The small fish competing with the big fish is something that I never really even thought about but it does make sense in how they can do this while there is such a huge fluctuation going on. You have done a great job on this post and I hope that some of the small fish you are talking about here will take the time to read this post and clearly see how it’ll help them.

  24. Curtis

    This is very interesting and you have brought up some very good thoughts and ideas about to correct the problem that they are having here. Keep up the good work because you have done a great job and I am sure people will learn a lot from this. You have done a great job and I hope you keep posting things like this, I have learned a lot here.