LumiVid launches its Creative Marketing Machine program with Helen Fitzgerald's nightclub

This is the first of 24 weekly episodes to promote the nightclub Helen Fitzgerald’s. Helen Fitzgerald’s is LumiVid’s first Creative Marketing Machine client. The goal of the campaign is to generate buzz and hype about the St. Louis hot spot and to inform the public about each week’s entertainment and drink specials.

To achieve these goals, LumiVid’s consulting team did competitive keyword research for the St. Louis area to determine where the most potential existed for search based web traffic. Our creative team wrote an initial 12 short comedic socially edgy sketches which all take place at Helen Fitzgerald’s bar. With LumiVid’s own video production equipment and crew we were able to schedule and shoot the entire initial 12 episodes in one single on-location shoot in less than 6 hours.

With the keyword research, LumiVid’s post-production team created what will be the opening and closing sequences for the 24 episode weekly series, edited the first sketch, and incorporated this week’s entertainment acts.

The final phase of the marketing strategy is to syndicate each video out to the target population around the St. Louis metro area. To do this we upload the video to Youtube, Vimeo, Daily Motion, Vidster, and a few other sites, launch a social video promotion in Facebook, Twitter, Tumblr, etc., launch a bookmarking promotion, and also re-purpose the video to blog, article, and podcast for maximum reach.

Future episodes will also have paid Youtube and Facebook promotions as well.

LumiVid’s Creative Marketing Machine is the only service in the world that combines best-of-breed SEO research, premium original video production, and an aggressive video content re-purposing and syndication process to leverage the full potential of online marketing.

We are currently seeking 3 more pilot clients for our Creative Marketing Machine service. If interested call us at 314-266-3616.

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Leveraging the Video Marketing Opportunity – Part 1: Overview


Welcome to the overview of LumiVid’s multi-chapter video series titled: “Leveraging the Video Marketing Opportunity”.


Our goal for producing this series is to help marketing consultants, business owners, and executives achieve a clear vision of what an effective comprehensive video marketing strategy might look like. This way, whether designing a marketing strategy yourself, collaborating with partners, or even outsourcing the solution through one of LumiVid’s video marketing programs, you’ll know what processes need to be in place and how they work together to achieve real results.


Within this series we’ll briefly cover the evolution of the online marketing industry, we’ll take a deep look at the validity of the many new marketing strategies that you probably keep hearing about, and then we’ll cover the actual realities of developing and executing a comprehensive video marketing program that achieves real results.


Right now the marketing industry has hit a state of maximum flux. Traditional media such as TV, radio, and newspaper ads have been derailed by DVRs, satellite radio, and online entertainment and news. Major updates to search algorithms have not only derailed mass SEO tactics but now penalize the use of such tactics. And of course the prevalence of social media has marketers running in circles chasing after the next viral sensation.


But what’s important to realize is that this massive state of fluctuation presents tremendous opportunity because it levels the playing field. It gives the small fish the ability to compete directly with the big fish for the same market. What may be surprising is that you most likely already know what these opportunities are. like Social Media Marketing, Search Marketing, Content Marketing, Email Marketing, and targeted digital advertising.


The key is designing a strategy that takes advantage of all of these opportunities. An integrated approach that makes your content available through all channels of communication and maximizes reach is accomplished. We call this Content Visibility.

But what is also just as important as content visibility creating quality content that is desirable to your target audiences. To do this takes creativity and consistency.

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Business to Business Video: Three reasons why video is important for B2B companies

Read More Business to Business Video: Three reasons why video is important for B2B companies

Business to Business Video: Three reasons why video is important for B2B companies

One of the fastest growing trends in social media marketing today is businesses to business video. It’s not a trend that’s set to decline any time soon, either – in fact, business spending for online video is expected to quadruple to 5.2 billion by 2014!

Online video marketing is becoming increasingly popular among business to business marketers wanting to create an impressive online presence, and the reasoning is not hard to figure out. There are many advantages to using business-to-business video to get the word out about products and services, learn about creating an excel spreadsheet for your budget.

1. It’s good for product demos
B2B video is an excellent way to demonstrate your product to other businesses in a manner that is interesting, creative and fun. And learning about how to market b2b has never been easier. It engages your viewer to learn about your product, giving them the inside scoop on how it works, what it does, and how it can be productive for their business, look into these TikTok mistakes to avoid.

2. It’s good for SEO
Did you know that Google owns YouTube, which is the second most used search engine in the world? This means that the exposure that business-to-business videos get is astounding. Furthermore, your company has access to a wider clientele and audience than they would otherwise have.

3. It’s good for increasing conversion and CTR
The success of business-to business video relies heavily on how many of those viewer hits actually go from lead to sale. CTRs have been known to increase exponentially with the use of online videos, particularly links in email marketing campaigns, and video increases conversion rates by forty percent. All of this can only mean good news for your business, and it can only bring more success to you in the long run.

LumiVid designs B2B video strategies that are catered to the needs of your business. In striving to keep up with social media trends that will help your business succeed, Splash Media dedicates countless time and resources to get your message across to your audience effectively. Contact them today to learn about the impact you can make with a business-to-business video marketing strategy that works for you.

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Video Is Not About You – It’s About Your Customers

Read More Video Is Not About You – It’s About Your Customers

The article below was featured in the latest issue of ContentWise. ContentWise is a monthly eZine that I would recommend for anyone interested in content marketing. Standard subscription is free.

More and more corporations are using video as part of their overall marketing strategies. Once a high barrier to entry due to the sheer expense of video creation, production and marketing, businesses can now launch effective video tactics with just a few thousand dollars.

This also creates a problem. Because it is now so easy to create a video, and the proliferation of video sharing sites such as YouTube (among others) is ever increasing, there are more bad videos available than ever before.

What’s happened is that businesses are continuing to focus on the “technology” and not the core reason why videos are successful – great content and storytelling targeted to a specific customer segment.

If you are considering video as part of your integrated marketing strategy, here are the success factors.

Tell the Story, Not Your Story Like any valuable, relevant and compelling content you create, a video is not about you, it’s about your customers. This is the biggest challenge for a corporation to overcome. So many times businesses want to talk about their products and services, or position one of their executives as an expert. That’s all fine and good, but if the video does not meet the informational needs of the individual watching it, it won’t be watched.

The solution is simple. Develop a keen understanding of the customer or prospect group you are targeting. What are their key challenges? What do they need to know to be more productive at work, or live better lives? Why is your message important in the first place?

Once that is established, you can then weave in your marketing objectives into the video content without selling to them. Remember, your goal is not to sell them, but to help develop a conversation with them. Without valuable content, there is no possibility of a conversation.

Forget the One-Timers and Think “Series” Like any other successful communications program, consistency is the key. Many
businesses create video in hopes of that viral one-hit wonder. Really successful corporate videos build upon each other. Sites like or didn’t just produce one video and sit back. They planned for ongoing and consistent videos with a content plan focused on their target customers.

Share It, Don’t Own It Just like your brand doesn’t belong to you anymore (it belongs to your customers), treat your videos the same way. Don’t just expect your customers and prospects to only go to your website to view the video. Populate it wherever your customers may be, whether YouTube, Facebook or probably most fitting, the industry media sites and portals in your particular niche. Your goal is for your video to be watched, so that you can change or maintain a behavior. Knowing where your customers are prone to “engage” in your content is key.

Focus on Content over Production Value The days of six-figure videos are over. Today’s consumers are very accepting of “YouTube
quality” video, which are sometimes viewed as more credible and “real” to certain consumer groups. What are your current customers viewing habits? That question will save you a ton in production expenses.

Get Outside Help When the sales and marketing department produces video without outside help, there is an uncontrollable urge to actively sell in it. Hire a journalist or video content specialist to give you a third-party view that will help remove the rose-colored glasses.

Video lets customers view, see and hear things not possible with other formats. The technology is great, but it’s the targeted storytelling that will define your success and bring out the “human” side of your company.

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Online Video Reached 11.5 Bil Views in March

Read More Online Video Reached 11.5 Bil Views in March

New comScore numbers say online video views reached 11.5 billion during the month of March, reports. Consumption was up 13% from February and 64% from the same month last year. YouTube alone accounted for 4.3 billion of those views, making up 38% of the Web video field.

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5 Ways to Make Video a Social Experience

Read More 5 Ways to Make Video a Social Experience

Video is very hot

and there’s a strong social media connection. Are you using video to promote your business? Do you know the best ways to leverage this growing form of content?

What follows are 5 ways you can tap into the exploding video frontier—and achieve many social media advantages.

Why Video Now?

The demand for video is already proven: U.S. audiences viewed nearly 28 billion online videos in November 2009 alone.

The demand for video in a social setting is clearly growing: Nielsen reports that online video viewing on social networking sites was up 98% in 2009.

Now is the time to begin integrating video into your social presence. Tap into the rapid growth in social video that’s around the corner by beating the crowds and adding video to your social media routine.

Cynthia Francis, CEO of Reality Digital (which makes social video platforms for enterprise), gives great advice for people starting out in creating video for their social networks.

“Always keep in mind the goal of the video you’re going to create,” Francis said. “It’s not just about driving people to your website with your video, it’s how broad you can make your reach and how many people interact with your video that really matter.”

Here are 5 ways you can tap into the increasingly social nature of video:

1. Post videos to your Facebook profile

This is the slam-dunk, no-brainer way to make video a social experience. The number of videos viewed on Facebook is up an astounding 1800% this year. Due to this tremendous growth, Facebook has become the third most popular video viewing destination online.

U.S. users are already spending an average of 5 ½ hours per month on Facebook, so there’s serious potential that your network of friends or fans will browse your posted videos at some point during their frequent visits. The comment function is also very user-friendly on Facebook; and because all users are already signed in, there is very little obstruction to people making comments about the video you posted and beginning a snowballing conversation.

The same goes for MySpace. However, video viewing has been stagnant there, and overall usage has slumped—so if you’ve only got time to share video actively on one profile, Facebook is the ticket.

2. Be active on YouTube

In the past minute, 20 hours of video content were uploaded to YouTube. That means there is something for everyone on the site, and there are bound to be hundreds of video clips on topics you’re passionate about.

Create a YouTube account and start adding videos to your profile. Find users with similar interests, share your common-themed videos, and use YouTube’s friend feature to develop your social connections.

If you have a webcam, you can record video responses to individual YouTube clips, creating a high level of interactivity. You can also embed those videos on your blog or Facebook to engage across platforms. More than 1 million people have already added the YouTube Video Box application to their Facebook page to enable direct embedding of YouTube content on their profiles.

Here’s an example of a YouTube video box for the movie Avatar.

3. Join live-streaming sites

An example of the programming you can watch live with other users on
Video lets people share thoughts and opinions in real time in a way that static images and text simply cannot replicate.

Sites like and UStream show thousands of live broadcasts daily, including conversations on interesting topics and musical performances.

Most of the live feeds allow for live chat during the live streaming video presentations, as well.

Some frequent contributors to these sites have regularly scheduled times they appear so that a community of fans can gather to discuss the video as it’s shown.

4. Use the video functions on social aggregators

Digg, Reddit, StumbleUpon and most other social aggregators have great video functions that let you share video with the community. Once videos are uploaded, you can comment and vote on individual videos you found interesting or humorous.

Digg also lets you share any video you find on the site through many other social networks. All you have to do is click on one of the social network icons underneath a video and you instantly share it with your other communities.

And finally…

5. Shoot your own video blog

This last tip to make online video social is not for everyone, but video blogging (vlogging) is easier than ever. Popular blog platforms like Tumblr and WordPress and video sites like YouTube and Viddler have simplified the upload and sharing process. Video is a more engaging medium than text or photos, and sharing via a video blog adds nuance to your ideas and opinions  social media.

As the prevalence of mobile devices with video capture increases, shooting video of yourself at the moment you get inspired will only become easier. Flip Cameras are also rapidly increasing in popularity, and at their low price of $149, it doesn’t take a large investment anymore to start making videos and sharing them with your online communities.

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Social Video: A Convergence of New Marketing Strategies

Read More Social Video: A Convergence of New Marketing Strategies

Social Video: A Convergence of New Marketing StrategiesAs the Internet and it’s consumers continue to evolve, the effectiveness of traditional advertising continues to decline. This trend has resulted in new marketing strategies and approaches such as Content Marketing, Video Marketing, Search Engine Marketing, and Social Media Marketing. As we research and continue to develop our Social Video Strategies program here at LumiVid, we’ve found that we need to understand and leverage the fundamentals of each of these strategies for a truly comprehensive program.

If we take the concept of Content Marketing, which is, in a nutshell, to create branded content that is useful to and desired by a target audience and then merge it with Video Marketing, the result is a the creation of a video that is entertaining, informative, or educational. If we then merge in the strategies behind Search Engine Marketing, which is to place high in search results for common industry search terms and phrases, we find that we need to create not just one video, but to persistently create videos in a series with a consistency in quality and relevance to start monetizing. With the paystubs maker service to also manage the companies finance.

We must also strategically and consistently title, tag, and describe each video for scheduled distribution to target video sharing sites. This is how a video campaign can develop a digital reputation with Search Engines and gain rankings. Let’s now merge our strategy with the efforts of Social Media Marketing and we now find that we need to make sure our videos are designed to provoke commenting and sharing and then make sure that our distribution strategy accounts for social outreach with each video that is produced.

The ultimate goal of a Social Video Strategy is to generate awareness of and to drive engagement with a brand by stimulating online social interaction, influencing conversations, and establishing a brand reputation for providing useful and interesting video content amongst target audiences. As part of a comprehensive marketing mix, an SVS program can be extremely effective.

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